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Universal History of Art and Culture (52 books, 1872 images).

6,95 € / book          3,95 € / eBook

History of Spanish Art (60 books, 1920 images)

6,95 € / book          3,95 € / eBook

Guides to Spanish Art and World Art.

14,95 € / Guide           29,95 € / Guide

Children's Stories

9,95 € / book          3,95 € / eBook

Young Adult Literature

9,95 € / book        3,95 € / eBook

Children's News

12 € / book        3,95 € /eBook

The collections of children's short stories and young adult literature are available in both English and Spanish, in both print and digital versions. The titles contain a glossary where terms are defined and are classified by levels according to the Common European 

Framework of Reference for Languages.

Original illustrations from the 70s.

2023 Picasso Year - Free Audiobook here.

All HIARES audiobooks are available on Storytel

Who We Are?

«We are an interdisciplinary team that works in favor of education, promoting reading and the appreciation of different artistic expressions in an environment of coexistence, dialogue, and respect for differences».

Words and images are linked in our content so that, with the teacher as the conductor and with the appropriate environment, words, images, and emotions are related in such a way that students internalize knowledge and establish associations between seemingly unrelated disciplines.

It is essential to help students understand not only the reasons for their actions but also to understand the ethical substrate that guides them, the why and the purpose of their actions.

At HIARES, we consider ethics to be the basic pillar of education, as it is, first and foremost, an attempt to adapt human behavior to correct patterns of life in society."


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